Free Circuit Training Routine for Women

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Circuit Training Exercises for Women

The circuit training workouts for women are mostly designed to work the lower body and the lower abdominal muscles, because these are the areas most women have problems with. Although the answer to the question “What is circuit training” is: the workout routines that works out the whole body, but this particular routine is especially designed for women and focuses on the above mentioned areas.

The routine starts with a lunge that goes forward to backwards and a med ball is used to make it work the upper body too. This makes the exercise work more muscles than just a lunge would have done. So, you are working your butt, thighs and arms in this exercise.

The chin-ups are effective for chest and arm muscles. Perform it 10 reps. This helps reduce flab around the arms and developing chest muscles will bring a newer look in you which is attractive.

Then the resistant band exercise helps to work the shoulders. Perform it with a lunge to work the butt or leave it if you like. This exercise should be done 10 reps on each side.

The forward squat is especially helpful to tighten the butts use weight to challenge yourself more. But it if you are a beginner, you can go without weight and then gradually ad weights on your circuit training exercises. Remember to keep your backbone straight while performing the squat.

The last exercise is actually yoga with a twist. Raising both the legs together is a tough job, and undoubtedly this exercise is a great exercise for the lower abdomen. Do it for 8 - 12 reps and try to breathe normally.

Some tips:

•    Before any exercise, warm up your body. This way you will get a good cardio respiratory endurance.
•    Eating high protein foods after every circuit training routine, it will help your muscles to develop nicely.
•    Always consult your doctor before starting the circuit training routine.

This free circuit training routine is easy and can be done at home too, although you might need some tools. The routine is efficient and effective.